Early Learning and Childcare (Daycare)

BGC Olds and Area recognizes that children's life-long health, well-being, learning and behavior are strongly connected to the earliest childhood experiences. It is our belief that by creating a holistic play-based Child Care environment we are able to support the development of the whole child; through the creation of a strong, active and energetic Child Care community in which the rights of children are recognized and where the diversity of families in our community can be expressed. BGC Olds and Areas Early Learning and Child Care Centre:

● Values the image of the child as a mighty learner and citizen
● Develops meaningful connections with children, families, educators and other professionals through the practice of relationships
● Recognizes the potential that each child brings to every learning situation as well as how to strengthen children's dispositions to learn.
● Creates responsive environments by utilizing time, space and materials to facilitate positive experiences, interactions and routines as well as support children and families through change.

Our curriculum is based off FLIGHT the Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework. FLIGHT is an emergent, child-centered, and play based curriculum. The curriculum highlights the potential of strong, active, and energetic early childhood communities grounded in the rights of children and reflective of Alberta’s diverse families. Children’s play is central to this curriculum as an active , exploratory, creative, expressive process, deeply embedded in children’s everyday experiences – through which children participate in, learn about and actively make sense of the world. As educators, we plan according to the different interests and abilities of the children in the Centre. We are able to arrange the classroom environment, select activities and provide the appropriate props based upon observations and assessment of play. We believe that learning should take place naturally in an environment that offers a choice of activities created with the child’s needs and abilities in mind.

Our centre aims to create an inclusive environment in which all children can flourish by providing non-stereotyping information about gender roles, ethnic and cultural groups and people with disabilities; improving our knowledge and understanding of issues of anti-discrimination practice, promoting equality.

Fee Schedule

Full Time $954
Part Time $689
Drop in $50

Thank you for your interest in our Early Learning and Child Care Centre program. Please understand that because space is limited, our program is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. To be included on our waiting list, please call 403-556-2466.

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