KidProof Courses

KidProof Courses

BGC Olds and Area offers a number of KidProof Courses throughout the year that offer children and youth preventative and proactive skills to deal with many things that they may be facing in their lives. We offer courses to help avoid or deal with bullying, self-esteem and self-confidence building, connection and relationship building, safety, and babysitting courses. Our teachers for these courses are certified through KidProof Safety. To register for any of the courses or if you have any questions please contact Stephanie at 403-556-2466 or or Kassandra

Bullyproof Course

please keep an eye on our social media pages for upcoming courses! 

Cost $25.00

Ages: 7-10

This program is designed to be preventative and proactive so that children can avoid being bullied, and if they are bullied, know how to stop it.

Home Alone 

Cost $25.00 

Ages 10-13

This course teaches preteens about the responsibilities of being home alone and at-home safety. Also, how to prevent and respond to emergency situations properly.

This course spends the first half focusing on home alone and at-home safety, while the second half is first aid and preventing/responding to an emergency.
This course does not certify your child in first aid but gives them general knowledge to be used in emergency situations.

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Babysitter  Training

Cost $65.00 Pizza Lunch Included

Ages 11+

Join us and learn everything you need to know about babysitting through the Kidproof Babysitter Training Program!

Students will be confident in their skills to, care for children of all ages and deal with difficult situations, how to prepare activities that are safe and fun, make safe choices, and basic first aid. 

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A Girl's Way

Check Back Soon for Upcoming Courses! 

This program is free. 

Ages: 12-15

This program will provide pre-teen girls with tools on how to stay safe in situations involving friends and relationships. We will also have discussions and participate in activities to build positive self-esteem and confidence as well as explore the importance of making good choices online. This will be a fun safe place to interact with others of the same age!

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